At Open Arms, we have decided to offer a new provision starting in September which will look and focus on a different approach to the already established provisions.  

Our focus for this enhanced provision will be nurturing students through a collapsed, topic-based curriculum underpinning literacy and numeracy skills and knowledge, strengthened with therapeutic support; based on student’s individual needs. 

We have a fantastic, experienced team of staff, who have a wealth of experience supporting young people in educational settings. Our focus will be to support young people who are in real need of a nurturing, individualised and therapeutic approach. This provision will not focus on one cohort but be open to any students you feel would benefit from what we will offer.  

We are offering 10 spaces a day to students who need a smaller setting to offer them an opportunity to generate a positive learning and educational experience as they may have struggled historically due to low academic ability, lack of confidence, where needs, that if are addressed early could have positive results in reengaging students back into your setting or education with positive results. 

We are opening on the 5th September but are taking students on board ready for then so if you have someone you would like to attend you are welcome to contact us in preparation  for September.